How can I plan a service to honor my loved one?

Respecting the dignity and wishes of an individual after life deserves as much attention and care as any other stage of life.

What are funeral and memorial services?

Funeral and memorial services are events that help families and friends honor and remember a loved one who has died (the deceased). These services have one main difference:

  • At a funeral service, the body of the person who died is displayed, such as in an open burial casket
  • At a memorial service, the body of the person who died is not displayed

The look and feel of a funeral and memorial service will depend on your loved one’s culture and religion. It also depends on your loved one’s wishes, as well as yours and others who want to honor them. If the person planned ahead of time or knew their life was ending, they may have told you what type of service they wanted.

Having a service is important because it brings together families and friends to mourn, celebrate, and remember the person who has passed away. It’s a way to say “goodbye” and celebrate the life they lived. Some cultures even use these services to celebrate the person moving into an afterlife.