TAD-Resource members are committed to social transformation in the world of advance care planning. They hold high standards of excellence and accountability to the communities they live and work in, and they believe in innovative approaches to complex problems. Advance care planning is an important part of our personal healthcare wishes we too often fail to talk about in our society. TAD-Resource is a non-profit that offers members and social entrepreneurs a way to support systemic and sustainable social change around end-of-life planning through access to national and local resources and health learning modules. Everyone deserves ease of access to local and national  resources and learning opportunities. Become a member and/or social entrepreneur at TAD-Resource and help drive the change we need in advance care planning.

Members of TAD-Resource will be provided, if requested, with the TAD logo hyperlink for patient and client ease of access to important resources. If you are providing a service that supports advance care planning and end-of-life, please get involved and contact us at the email below or fill out a membership form online.  (Licensing and User Agreement statement is forthcoming)